Mérida’s agricultural producers long to reactivate production but they have no financing

Productores agrícolas merideños anhelan reactivar producción pero no cuentan con financiamiento




Verihuaca is a town in the Rivas Dávila Municipality, Mérida State in the Venezuelan Andes, that borders the town of La Grita in Táchira, a town with very fertile lands for cultivate vegetables, flowers, particularly roses, and herbs.

Jesús Quintero / Correspondent LaPatilla.com

However, Jesús Rodríguez, a local resident, pointed out that 10 years have passed by without planting as a result of economic instability, lack of financing from either the national government or public and private banks. This has forced farm workers to abandon their lands to engage in other activities and jobs that generate better economic income to support their families while the land has become idle or underutilized.

Abandoned and dismantled greenhouses where roses and flowers were grown and that were harvested and sold in regional, national and international markets for their high quality.

They also have idle machinery that is now deteriorated and they require financial support for the acquisition of the necessary spare parts to reactivate them and put them to work to produce food for the tables of Venezuelans. The need as well that the roads be repaired because these are in deplorable conditions.