Guárico State producers in central Venezuela linked up to improve the roads forced by their abandonment by Chavismo

Productores de Guárico se unieron para mejorar las vías ante abandono del chavismo




Producers from the José Tadeo Monagas Municipality in the Guárico State made the decision to improve the penetration routes (farm roads) to their production units, forced by the lack of government support and attention.

By Correspondent

Specifically on the Paso Real de Macaira – San Antonio de Tamanaco route, five farmers reached an agreement to carry out patching and filling work on several kilometers of road, and thus guarantee the passage of vehicles more quickly and effectively prior to the arrival of the rainy season next May.

These tasks will not only benefit the producers in the area, but also users who commute to towns such as Chaguaramas, Altagracia de Orituco or Valle de la Pascua, according to what is published on the Altagracia website.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that farmers have come together to rescue the roads in the area, but rather this situation has been repeated in recent years due to Chavismo’s neglect of the rural sectors of the state.

Various crops such as tomatoes are produced in these farmlands in northeastern Guariquo, so farmers Luis Alberto Reyes, Francisco Javier Herrera, Jesús Espinoza, Víctor Rodríguez and Antonio Reyes Castro do not want to lose their crops, as well as the time and money invested to contribute to the national economy.

There are different jobs that are being guaranteed with actions like these, which is why the inhabitants of this plains region of the country ask for support from the corresponding authorities in the supply of asphalt and working public services, in order for them to take care of other areas within their farms.