GamStop Alternatives in Latin America

The gambling industry is growing at an incredible speed in Latin America. It is predicted to quadruple by 2027 and reach a revenue of $6.75 billion. However, the number of people who admit that this habit can result in a problem increased too and has reached 4% around the continent. 

No wonder implementing more responsible gambling tools is a popular trend in the LatAm gambling industry. Different approaches are introduced there to help players self-exclude themselves, following the example of a unique GamStop system operating in the UK. What are these methods, and how do they differ from GamStop? Let’s have a closer look at this matter.

What is GamStop

GamStop is an online tool that helps UK gamblers self-exclude themselves from all services holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This free service allows bettors to take control over their gambling activity and restrict themselves from accessing casinos and sports betting sites for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. This is a helpful tool for those who want to take a break from gambling since there is no way to cancel the exclusion for UK residents. The only alternative is to join any casino not on GameStop, but they will surely have a different license.

Alternatives to Gamstop in Latin America

Over half of respondents from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil admit that gambling and betting habits are a reason to worry and identify that as an issue. 4% of people surveyed across LatAm countries admit to having responsible gambling issues. 

Therefore, self-exclusion schemes must become an integral part of the gambling industry in Latin America. And though GamStop is available only in the UK, alternative methods are operating in the countries, and here is their short overview. 

Local Self-Exclusion Schemes

Due to the rapid rise of online gambling in Latin America, many countries introduced their own regulations for this industry. Naturally, some of them also have a focus on responsible gambling practices and informing players on the ways how they can prevent addiction and potential problems.


The gambling industry of Colombia is regulated by the Gambling Act 2001. The regulator began to promote the responsible gaming program called “Juega Bien”, whereby the player may find information regarding compulsive gambling on every gambling website. In 2021, Coljuegos issued a Resolution regarding responsible gambling that included a broad set of regulations for the operators to identify and tackle the problem of pathological gambling.


The implementation of self-exclusion and deposit limits is very relevant in Brazil. There isn’t any special tool or program, but operators have adopted self-exclusion systems for Brazilian gamblers to allow them to stop playing and betting voluntarily. Some casinos also support strict deposit limits as one of the forms to combat overspending.


The gambling industry of Mexico is governed by the Federal Gaming and Raffles Law. It obliges operators to focus on the importance of responsible gambling. Sites should contain warnings about the potential addiction problems and contacts of organizations to help players. However, the government hasn’t launched any self-exclusion programs or tools.

Gambling Blockers

There are special software and apps that can be downloaded to players’ devices to limit access to gambling websites through the Internet. This software can be of 2 types:

Software only to block access to all gambling sites;

Software either to block or to set permissions and parental controls.

This software can be downloaded from the Internet if you do some research. It can be both free and paid, so it is important to consider that before installing one on the device. The most popular gambling blockers available nowadays are GamBan, GamBlock, BetFilter, BetBlocker, and many others.

Banking Controls 

One of the negative consequences of gambling-related problems is the loss of money. Therefore, the implementation of bank controls that allow customers to block or limit specific types of transactions may be an important step, too. You can do this through your banking app as well as call the support line to discover if this option is available for your account.

You can also use other tools to manage your finances, like Money Plus Advice, Spend Calculator and MoneyHelper, which support the division of money into spending pots, too.


The Latin American gambling market is incessantly developing, but the majority of countries still haven’t introduced effective centralized self-exclusion tools to protect vulnerable gamblers. Countries of Latin America need to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach promoting responsible gambling. Every state should utilize official data to shape highly customized responsible gambling programs, marketing strategies, and product offerings that align with the needs and tendencies of each jurisdiction. Unfortunately, these are operators who are made to introduce responsible gambling strategies at the moment, but regulation is key to minimizing harmful gambling!