It is demanded from Chavismo an emerging plan to address hunger in Venezuela

Rafael Narváez demands from Chavismo an emerging plan to address hunger in Venezuela


Lawyer and former Guariqueño representative, Rafael Narváez, asserted that Venezuelans require a contingency plan as a consequence of the deterioration in the quality of life and the lack of social security in the country. correspondent

“There is no ‘electoral party’ with empty stomachs. This approach, so that there be elections this year, also has to be so that every home has access to food, that every professional can access a job, that there are social benefits and a decent salary,” Narváez stressed.

The former parliamentarian once again questioned the lack of autonomy of public powers and urged the National Assembly to evaluate a salary adjustment in this year’s budget and that this really benefit Venezuelan workers.

“Only a 10% of the budget is destined to salaries and that is nothing. We have to rectify this, we have to look again for the tripartite table where the unions, the State, the Ministry of Labor are represented, to see if we can find the possibility of responding to the stomach noise, because hunger has no borders,” highlighted the human rights activist.

Narváez offered these statements at a meeting with union leaders in San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico State, where concerns and complaints related to the systematic violations of fundamental rights in this plains state were addressed.