Carora overflows with hope, the hope of all Venezuela

Carora overflows with hope, the hope of all Venezuela



After her visit to the city of Barquisimeto, the state’s capital, opposition leader María Corina Machado continued with her agenda in Lara State in western Venezuela, where she also visited the Torres municipality which was the second meeting point on the campaign for the presidency of the country. correspondent

Throughout the journey along the entire Central Western highway, on the way to the city of Carora, Machado was accompanied by a large caravan, and as she passed through the different townships adjacent to this main road dozens of people came out to cheer as she passed and also to see her and greet her.

One of her first stops was in the picturesque town of Tintorero, where she also delivered a few words to those present. The caravan continued and in each town María Corina had to stop and received expressions of affection from the people.

A few meters before entering Carora, she was received by at least 4,000 motorcyclists who escorted her until she reached the concentration point on Lídice Street with 14 de Febrero Avenue in Carora.




From this visit, one of the most impressive so far in the country, anyone can perceive the admiration and trust of thousands of inhabitants of Torres Municipality who came out to support the opposition leader María Corina and the candidacy of Edmundo González Urrutia. People are asking for change in the leadership of the country.

She was received in Carora with cell phone flashlights and shouting slogans “it is going to fall, this government is going to fall”, “yes it can be done” and “we are not afraid”.

The cry of all those who attended the meeting of the opposition leader is a deep desire for a change of government, the recovery of democracy and the return of Venezuelans scattered around the world.

That wish was supported with the speech of María Corina, who once again stated that they are very close to achieving this long-awaited change and that it will end up materializing with the work of everyone on the street and in each of the voting centers.

“Torres will be first in Lara,” was the final phrase of the opposition leader’s speech.