Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre issued a statement demanding the release of journalist Luis López

Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre issued a statement demanding the release of journalist Luis López


In a document published this Friday, June 21st, the Secretariat of the ‘Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre’ (FAVL) demanded the immediate release of Luis López, a journalist kidnapped on June 14th by Chavismo forces in La Guaira.

By Correspondent

López is known in the Vargas state for his professionalism, honesty and commitment to the truth and the causes of this coastal region near Caracas. Additionally, he is the coordinator of the FAVL in Vargas, playing a crucial role in organizing civil society and articulating with political parties to advance towards the democratic liberation of Venezuela.


On Friday, June 14th, while López was carrying out his journalistic functions investigating the arrest of another social activist, he was disappeared by the repressive forces of the Government. Days after his disappearance, López was charged with “inciting hatred,” an excuse that the FAVL describes as convenient and fabricated, given that his true work has been to promote peaceful political change in Venezuela through free and fair elections. .

The FAVL statement emphasizes that participating in political and electoral activities does not constitute a crime in any democratic country, noting that only in authoritarian regimes, such as the one that prevails in Venezuela, is political participation criminalized.

“He who is backed by the people and has legitimacy does not need to persecute or repress the population,” the statement argues, suggesting that the Government’s lack of popular support and legitimacy forces it to resort to repression and fear to maintain control.

The Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre, which brings together various social organizations and political parties in all the states of the country, not only demands the immediate release of Luis López, but also the cessation of repression against those who seek political change through democratic and electoral means.

“The cowardly repression against those of us who work for political change in Venezuela must stop,” the statement concludes.

The kidnapping and accusations by the regime against López have also generated a wave of indignation at the national level. Various human rights groups and press organizations have expressed concern about the growing repression against journalists and activists in Venezuela. Social and political sectors observe these events with concern urging Chavismo to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.