More than 80 livestock farms from all over Venezuela will participate in the “Expoferia Carora 2024”

More than 80 livestock farms from all over Venezuela will participate in the “Expoferia Carora 2024”


Venezuela’s eyes are on the city of Carora, Torres Municipality of Lara State, a town that concentrates a good part of the country’s agricultural producers and which this Thursday, June 20th, opened its 43rd fair.

By: Correspondent

For six days, Carora will become the capital of the country’s livestock thanks to the work of the Western Regional Livestock Society (Sorgo), a union that brings together producers from various regions of Venezuela and who today are part of this event with cattle shows of different breeds.

The beginning of the Carora fair was marked by the traditional parade, which included the participation of 18 floats, 20 troupes, 7 bands and about 200 horses, approximately 1,200 people, and then the official opening was held from the Teodoro Herrera Zubillaga Exhibition Park, which celebrates 70 years since its foundation.

The authorities of Sorgo led the opening ceremony together with the democratic opposition mayor of the Torres municipality, Javier Oropeza, who recalled that one of their promises was to recover the traditions and customs of the ‘Caroreños’, all things typical of their culture, idiosyncrasy, and traditions. And one of them is precisely the Carora livestock fairs. “As long as I am mayor there will be fairs,” he said.

He recalled conversations that he had hours before with visiting regional and national journalists on the occasion of the parade. “They asked me about the importance of this fair for the region. I responded that 17% of the milk produced in the country comes from Carora, 30% of the sugar cane is also from Carora and 100% of the wine crops are planted in Carora. We have a very long agricultural tradition, an unquestionable reality and this fair is a showcase to the world of work of the rural producers of the Torres municipality,” he pointed out.

In relation to the recovery of the fairgrounds, about which he predicted that he will continue to be called Teodoro Herrera Zubillaga for life, he reported that during his administration resources have been allocated for its recovery. “We found it in ruins. The Ministry of Agriculture returned it to those who truly work, because they recognize the farmer’s work and that they are people of commitment,” he assured.

It is necessary to mention that this fair is one of the most important in Venezuela and on this occasion it has the participation of 88 livestock farms, including cattle, goats, sheep and buffaloes from the central, Andes, eastern, plains and western regions of the country.

The event is a meeting point for the advancement of agricultural production, as well as for the establishment of commercial and business relations between various sectors.