María Corina Machado from Mérida: The defense of the vote is everyone’s task

María Corina Machado from Mérida: The defense of the vote is everyone’s task

María Corina Machado from Mérida: The defense of the vote is everyone’s task


María Corina Machado, on her tour of Venezuela, arrived at the Libertador Municipality in Mérida State, where the crowd waited patiently for her after she had to travel more than 600 km from the city of Caracas.

Jesús Quintero / Correspondent

The people of Mérida took to the streets to accompany the national leader María Corina Machado as she passed through the “City of Knights”, despite the torrential downpour that fell after 8:00 at night. She stated that “this has been a fearless and brave state, hard hit by the crisis of public services, and lines for gas,” she said as the crowd cheered freedom and democracy.

Machado said that Mérida is a bastion of democracy, that it all began in the Andes and that the fight for change is unstoppable.

“It is a fight for life, it is a spiritual fight for good,” she said.

The system was responsible for separating families. “We have one last chance to break down the barriers, we continue fighting, overcoming fear to conquer freedom,” she added to the crowd.

Looking ahead to the presidential elections on July 28th, Machado asked people to hold on to their strength, since change is unstoppable. The option of Unity, represented by the candidate Edmundo González Urrutia, is the one that will lead to the long-awaited political transition, which will lead the country towards prosperity and resurgence.

“We will have a State of property owners, a Venezuela where the citizen is not humiliated, nor does a woman have to bow her head for a bag of food,” she acclaimed. The moment came after 25 years of waiting for change, she told the opposition leader.

The defense of the vote

She mentioned the importance of the ‘Comanditos’ (lit. little commandos. Small action groups) being deployed at the voting centers on July 28th, taking care of and ensuring the protection of the votes of the millions of Venezuelans who will participate in the elections.

María Corina Machado urged civil society to be a guarantor of the defense of the vote. “Venezuelans must stay at the voting centers until the last vote is counted.”

After more than 25 years of destruction of the economy, today Venezuelans live in precarious conditions despite the fact that the country has the largest oil reserves on the planet.

She made reference to the thousands of families separated as a result of forced migration, fathers and mothers who packed their bags and left the little ones with their grandparents.

As she passed through the roads of the Merida State highlands, the locals took to the streets to greet her and express their support.

There are 33 days left until July 28th, the equivalent of 5 weeks to continue strengthening the work in the ‘Comanditos por la Libertad’. “We Venezuelans are fighting a historic feat, like the one 200 years ago, for the freedom of our country.”